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All Terry products are manufactured in the United States.

Yes, if your client wants a replacement cartridge, they will need to purchase it through you.

All Terry products are designed to last approximately 6 months.

Plumber will need to perform the initial installation. You do not need a plumber to install the replacement cartridges.

Terry warrants to the original purchase price that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six months from date of purchase, if product is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

All Terry products are either NSF listed or FDA approved.

Terry water filters will allow 3.5 gallons per minute on the TFH10SYS and 5.5 gallons per minute on the TFH20SYS. The scale control units will not noticeably restrict flow, but flow can be restricted based on fittings and water supply line size.

The Terry water treatment is designed for “point-of-use” meaning one Terry system per piece of equipment being treated.

We use a proprietary blend called Citryne which is designed to safely and effectively eliminate the effects of scale. Our citrus based formula stops the minerals from causing hard water problems by making troublesome minerals 'soluble' so they wash away freely. Terry is also the only water treatment on the market that can eliminate existing scale.

Citryne is a blend of FDA approved ingredients. You will not taste, smell, or see it in the water.

Terry water treatment (with scale control) will eliminate the effects of scale up to 24 grain hardness and above while lowering the pH.

If installed correctly, the Terry product will not change the flavor of the coffee.

Yes, the standard carbon block filter does not significantly reduce chloramines, but it can be replaced for one that does.