About us:

TERRY products eliminate scale and provides a scale preventative environment. At the heart of our product philosophy is a firm commitment to provide real solutions to end-users. We control water everywhere, regardless of the geographic location.

TERRY achieves success in controlling scale with proprietary technology, which has been proven to eliminate scale problems around the world.


Utilizing an environmentally friendly formulation of Citryne®, TERRY products eliminate scale without the use of hazardous chemicals. TERRY products are NSF and FDA approved making them the pure solution to scale control.

TERRY products are stand-alone units that are installed inline. They are adaptable to any water filtration system. Easy installation and replacement make TERRY products the pure and simple solution to scale elimination.



We believe TERRY products provide the most superior water treatment products on the market and we aren’t the only ones.

Here's what our clients are saying about TERRY products.


“The Cleveland steamer is one of, if not the most critical pieces of equipment in a McGrath's Fish House kitchen. Prior to installing the SMK3, we were spending thousands of dollars a year to service the steamer at our store in Mesa, Arizona. All the while using Cleveland's recommended procedures, filters, etc. In the 10 months since we have been using the TERRY water treatment product, SMK3, we have spent zero dollars on steamer repairs. I give this water treatment product my full endorsement.”

Bo Oswald
McGrath's Fish House
Construction & Development Manager