Water Treatment for Ware Washers:


Model: SC100HSYS

Glass washers & under counter washers

Model: SC200HSYS

Door type & small conveyor washers

Model: SC300HSYS

Medium & large conveyor washers


TERRY Product Benefits:

Our ware washer water treatment systems are a safe, effective, and affordable way to maintain a scale free ware washer, providing continuous equipment operation. TERRY provides an easy to change cartridge that is changed out approximately every 6 months.

High temperature scale control treatment eliminates:

  • Ware washer breakdown maintenance
  • Loss of production during break downs
  • Scale formation on heating elements
  • Use of harsh acids to dissolve scale
  • Expensive service calls

TERRY products control scale on contact
Effective in all water conditions
No caustic or toxic chemicals are used
Safe for the environment
NSF and FDA approved materials
Prevents scale from depositing inside equipment


Our ware washer treatment uses Cityrne® which provides superior scale control with a proprietary water treatment technology prove to control scale problems in commercial ware washers. Citryne® is a FDA approved special blend of materials that maximizes scale elimination.